Growing up with
international experience


Agrodairy crops are only every produced using certified seeds, carefully selected from our fields as the most robust and highest-yielding varieties. We’ve teamed up with international seed suppliers who we’re proud to represent within Azerbaijan - these partnerships are based on their proven success rates and the evidence of our own experience.

For wheat, barley, soy-bean and sunflower, we use seeds from Probstdorfer Saatzucht. They are the biggest family-owned international seed-breeders in Austria - with subsidiaries in Hungary, Rumania and Ukraine.

For corn, our main supplier and partner is KWS Saat SE, Germany. KWS is one of the biggest international breeders and suppliers of corn seed.


Product assortment (variety and hybrids): KWS (Kinemas, Kerberos, Confirm, Kalimnos); Pioneer (P0412, PR37N01, P0729, P1921); AGROSAVA (72, AS 73, AS 334) and others.

Corn hybrids relating to short growing season (low FAO group) are mainly used after barley and wheat


Assortment (Variety): Gregoria, Serenada, Terenova


Absheron  variety

This variety was bred in Azerbaijan. The shrub of the plant is upright, the culm is fragile and the height is 93-126 cm. The flower head is purple. The beans are curly and brown. Seeds are reniform, the color is light yellow. Thousand kernel weight is 2,0-2,5 gr. It develops quickly after each cutting - 80 days from the beginning of summer vegetation to the first cutting, the interval between cuttings is 43 days. Mid-season variety. It is cut 4-5 times under irrigation conditions. This variety is resistant to drought and frost. The incidence of diseases is moderate. Average eatability. The yield of the green mass is 60-70 tons / ha, the dry grass yield is 14.0-16.0 tons / ha, and the seed production is 0.3-0.4 tons / ha. Protein content is 20.4%. Suitable for mechanized harvesting.

Aran variety

This variety was bred in Azerbaijan. It has been zoned by the State Commission on Breeding Achievements Testing and Protection since 1995. Resistant to drought and frost. It has a strong root system that regulates nitrogen balance. Not infected with diseases. It yields 65-75 tons of green mass per hectare in 4 cuttings, 15-17 tons of dry grass and 0.4-0.5 tons of seeds. Average softness. Protein content is 19.5%. The growing season is 190-210 days. Leafing out is 50.8%. In the first cutting vegetation cover is 95-100 cm high, and in the subsequent cuttings it is relatively low. After cuttings growth accelerates.

Manıchskaya variety

This variety was bred in Russia. An upright variety with branched spike.  The first year plant height is 30-50 cm, the second year - 90-100 cm and more. The flower head is purple. The beans are brown. Gemmaceous seeds, yellowish-brown color. Leafing out is 50%. In arid steppes, the root can penetrate deep into the soil. Resistant to drought and frost. Not infected with diseases. Seed production is 0.4 tons / ha. Suitable for mechanized harvesting.